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You’d be lying if you say you’ve never come across the phenomenon called Marvel Entertainment. Maybe you’ve read the comics, enjoyed their animated series, binge-watched their shows or attended the first-day first show of their movies – but you’ve definitely been a part of and grown to love this universe. With our collection of official Marvel merchandise, your favourite superhero universe will never be far away from you.


The Legacy of Marvel Universe

In 1939, Marvel Comics’ precursor ‘Timely Comics’ was founded by Martin Goodman. Timely’s first comic book was ‘Marvel Comics no. 1’ and featured the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner. During the ‘Golden Age of Comics’ in the 1940s, Timely Comics introduced many notable characters like Captain America.  As the 1940s came to close, superhero comics fell out of fashion. In 1951, Timely Comics became Atlas Magazines and its output was in genres like humour, horror and science fiction.

During the late 1950s, the ‘Silver Age of Comics’ was ushered by Marvel’s rival, DC Comics. In the 1960s, Atlas renamed itself as Marvel and revolutionised superhero comics. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are often credited for introducing superheroes that appealed to older readers and heralding the ‘Marvel Age of Comics’.

The strength of Marvel Universe lies in the fact that the characters introduced, though are superheroes, are rooted in real-world and seem relatable. Their superheroes are often flawed, freaks and misfits – a break from the then-prevalent athletic, handsome and perfect superheroes. Spider-Man was a highschool student, Steve Rogers was bullied, Hulk looked like a monster – characteristics like these struck a chord with older readers and soon Marvel Comics found itself a loyal and ever-growing fanbase in not only kids but also young adults and adults.


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